Our Diversified Product Range

House Wires

PASAKA FR flexible house wires are designed to perform in these critical periods that necessitate electrical operations in conditions of direct exposure to fire and water. It is under these extreme conditions that PASAKA FR flexible house wires will provide absolute operation required for emergency.Power to fire pumps, power panels for lighting and other powered functions that may support safe and rapid building exit. PASAKA FR flexible house wires are manufactured using 99.99% pure, electrolytic grade bright annealed bare copper which gives superior conductivity, Better purity and conductivity of copper ensures a greater saving of electrical energy and thus reduces electricity bills. The conductor is made of multiple strands of finely drawn copper wires thereby offering greater flexibility which makes these wires ideal for conduit wiring. PASAKA FR flexible house wires meet the IS 694:1990 standards and also have FIA /TAC approvals.

Multicore Cables

Multicore cables are Multipurpose cables. Used in variety of Applications, Appliances, Industries, Domestic Use etc.
With High production capability and Sound Quality Team we at PASAKA are able to deliver the product in finest quality.

Lan Cable

Connecting World Digitaly through our high efficiancy PASAKA CAT-6 cable.

Solar Cable

A category with increasing demand, the solar cables from PASAKA are getting more and more attention everyday owing to the fact that this is the most promising environment friendly industry and is expected to have a significant role in resolving the world’s energy crisis. With diminishing production costs, users view this current transmission medium of solar energy power generation as cheap, clean and reliable.

Coaxial Cable

PASAKA Coaxial cables are Braided precisely on automatic modern machines for the most optimum output.Used in TV cables for dish to dish antennas, this is a wire braided cable that comes in different categories.

Range of Products

PASAKA Has wide Range of prodcuts.