Incorporated in year 1989, as PCI (PRAKASH CABLE INDUSTRIES) now PASAKA INDIA PVT LTD. introduced its brand “PASAKA CABLE” in the Indian market. With pragmatic vision and hard work, the company rose to meteoritic heights and created an enviable niche for itself in Indian Cable Industry.

Today PASAKA CABLE is the name synonymous with performance and reliability. Quality standards are met in every meter of PASAKA CABLE. Rigid tests and supervision taken at every step from raw material to all manufacturing stages and finally upon the finish products ensure that PCI products meet with INDIAN and INTERNATIONAL standards and therefore enjoy consumer approval, our cable is clearly marked through its entire length for your peace of mind.

Pasaka India Pvt Ltd. is certified to ISI: 694, IS: 1554 which is provided by BIS for quality assurance, ISO-9001-2015 & ISO-14001-2004 (environment management system)  accredited by NORSK for quality management, PASAKA cables offer CE marking accredited through KVQA which certifies safety of its use, also ROHS Compliant certified from UKCERT, which makes PASAKA cables committed to environment health and safety.

Our unblemished track record has earned us to patronage of leading industrial uses, project consultants, architects, Power, Railways, Telecom, Construction, Home Appliances Industry, Medical Industry, Defense and Space Research projects, amongst others. The essence of Prakash Cable Industries success lies in the expertise of its fine team of professionals, strong relationships with associates and the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently, with the vision to always think ahead. The Company intends to achieve this leadership status by leveraging the combination of world class product design, manufacturing infrastructure, engineering and customer service.

In an ongoing process to improve customer satisfaction, Pasaka India Pvt Ltd. offers a variety of services: Commercially competitive prices, Reliable and consistent quality, Product development for changing quality, Reliable and just-in-time delivery, A targeted stock policy, Technical support for applications.

PCI derive its strength from its customers. The growth later is a prerequisite to the growth of the Company and hence customer satisfaction is the prime objective. Over the years sincere service and dedication of its customers has earned the company distinguished clientele and consultants